Welcome to “mistrust music”!!!

“Mistrust” is me, Tim Blackburn, from the UK. I’ve done official remixes for Pitch Black, Banco de Gaia, Animat, International Observer, and more. Listen to some of those remixes, and my own tunes in the players below…

Latest Release – Broken Dub EP (February 2020)

AKA “Broken Doll EP” – Four songs by UK industrial/electronic band Global Citizen, remixed by “mistrust”.

Never Alone – A Retrospective (September 2019)

A collection of mainly-instrumental tracks that I wrote and recorded from around 2002 to 2012.

Remixed by mistrust (various)

Some of the official remixes I’ve done. Look out for them on my remix album, coming soon!

I’ve been very lucky to have been asked to remix songs by some great bands and artists over the last few years. Some of them are listed below. Click on the links to listen or search for “mistrust remix on Bandcamp or Spotify!

All Sleeping (mistrust remix) – from the EP All Sleeping by Banco de Gaia. Rude Mechanicals (mistrust remix) – from Rhythm Sound and Movement by Pitch Black. Nowhere Dub (Mistrust Remix) – from Happy EP by Warp Technique, Popcorn Slavery (Mistrust remix) – from Popcorn Slavery EP by International Observer. Don’t Make it Slow by Global Citizen